Oh good, you’re here! I’m so glad you’ve found us. 

Eight years ago, God shined a light into my wilderness, and Josh and I stepped off of our path of easy, normal, and nice to go after it. He took our muddied clothes and tired souls and broken hearts and from our humble offerings created a crazy masterpiece. He took our meager yes and used it to stir up hearts and change lives. 

Oh friends, there is so much beauty to be found in the most unexpected places.

I feel confidant telling you this because my feet have lead me there. It can be scary and your shoes may get muddy, so muster up that bravery that already exists in your soul and bring a package of wipes (or you can borrow mine. Lord knows with my three munchkins I always have some on hand), and join us as we risk comfort and predictability to discover God’s goodness and beauty in new, life giving ways.