Start the school year with these four essential tools.


Friends!! It’s here! Our first ever Back To School Kit.

For years you have been asking us about how we set up Macyn and August’s teacher and classmates for a successful inclusive school year. Well, we are still learning so much ourselves but we gathered together and universalized the letters and a few other  tools we use to set our kids up well and we are happy to share them with you.

Because we know each student has their own set of unique circumstances we have kept this set of documents flexible and usable for the masses as possible. And with each of our kids being as unique as the sunsets found on the beaches of Maui, feel free to use what works, leave out what doesn’t and shift, adjust and add your own special twists to what does work. 

How ever you use it, we hope it helps the professionals working with your child and the students learning alongside him/her see just how freaking amazing, capable and magical your child is.

This Kit Includes:

  • Hopes and Expectations Letter (Half Sheet - Example Letter)

  • Letter to Classmates (Template) 

  • IEP Goals (Quick View)

  • Ready to use Letter to school professionals
    (For all the parents who do not have a kid with an IEP)

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