All of us are on a journey (Read this one first)

All of us are on a journey. We wake up with ideas of where our journey is taking us, of how we want our days, weeks, lives, to go but so often we find that what we planned for our lives is not the reality we are living in. Each decision we make is a lifting up of our foot with a plan and hope of where it should fall when we place it down. But what if you allow God to determine where to place your feet? What if you allow God to ordain your steps? And what if, when you place your foot down He catapults you into the unnerving hight of His will or allows you to fall into the mysterious depths of His plans? What happens to your plans when God calls you higher and deeper than you planed to go? Ten years ago the journey I had planned for my life went from smooth straight path to crooked jagged mountains and steep terrifying valleys. 

I am one blessed lady and feel pretty honored to be living the life I live.

I hope your time on this blog leaves you feeling encouraged and excited about all that life has to offer.

Thanks for checking us out!